Wanna Have a Dream Summit?

Your weekly 5 things from the mind of Miles Lasater

Happy Saturday! Here are your 5 things from the mind of Miles for this week.

  1. Doing: The relaunch of my podcast Startups for Good on Nov 16 is fast approaching. I’ll be putting out 4 previous episodes from 2015 and have already recorded 4 new ones.  I have 4 interviews scheduled for next week alone. Guests include: Andrew Yang (founder Venture for America), Lynn Stout (author if Shareholder Value Myth), Kanyi Maqubela (investor) and Barry & Seth (founders of Honest Tea). You can listen to the preview (2mins) and subscribe in your favorite podcast player. Please provide a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts saying how you are looking forward to hearing more because it helps others find the show.

  2. Idea: I had an additional podcast idea code named Deal by Deal. Just a brainstorm at this point. The pitch: “Go behind the scenes with angel investor and syndicate lead Miles Lasater as he meets founders, hears pitches, evaluates investing and closes deals.” Would it be interesting to you? What kinds of companies would be interesting to you? What kinds of founders or companies would want to be on such a podcast?

  3. Writing: For 10 years, my siblings I plus our significant others have run regular Dream Summits. We've gotten to know each other's hopes and to support each other in reaching for our dreams. A very meaningful way to spend time together. Here is how you can run one yourself: www.DreamBiggerSummit.com.  If you want help with facilitating, please let me know.

  4. Reading: I’m in the middle of reading the book How to Have Impossible Conversations: A Very Practical Guide Paperback by Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay. It has practical tips for having those tough conversations about politics, religion or other hot topics. I haven’t finished it but I’ve enjoyed it so far and it is timely.

  5. Creativity: A couple years ago, I took a painting class. The idea of learning the techniques of painting excited me. Instead the teacher was laser focused on releasing creativity (by for example ignoring one’s inner critic). She said the technique would come through practice. Her refusal to teach me technique annoyed me at the time.  But I have come to appreciate her perspective. With Liz’s encouragement, I’ve hung some of the paintings around the house. If you’ve had a video call with me recently, you’ve probably seen them. Yes, I know, they are often confused for one of our kids' pieces. Here is one.

As a reminder, my work focuses are:

Until next week,