I'm (re)launching a Podcast: Startups for Good

Your weekly 5 things from the mind of Miles Lasater

Happy Friday! Here are your 5 things from the mind of Miles for this week.

  1. Doing: Startups for Good. I’m relaunching my podcast called Startups for Good. We’ll be exploring high-growth high-values ventures. I did 18 episodes in 2015 but then started another company and had another kid. Now I’m getting back to it and I’m really excited. More online at www.startupsforgood.com

  2. Writing: A Vision of Failure. I’d love your feedback on my Venture Patterns blog post about how and why each startup founder should have a vision of failure in addition to a vision of success.

  3. Learning: Uncertainty, Risk and Decision Making. I’ve been reading The Failure of Risk Management by Douglas Hubbard. It builds on his earlier work How to Measure Anything. Which is really an introduction to decision analysis and probabilistic thinking. We would make better decisions if more people were familiar with and were willing to use these types of techniques. Here is a flavor: “Whatever your measure problem is, it’s been done before

    You have more data than you think

    You need less data than you think

    Getting more data (by direct observation) is more economical than you think.

    You probably need completely different data than you think”. Do you have any recommendations on followup reading?

  4. Creativity: Elizabeth Streb. I recently watched the movie Born to Fly on Streb’s life and dance choreography. I was transported back to high school when I saw her work for the first time. The leaps! Then the falls and the landing - hard! The music generated by the dancers movement. And never to forget the solo of the woman dancing in 5-sided box. How she was able to make magic in such a small space blew my mind. If you haven’t seen her work, it is a treat. It inspired me to watch some more physical theater or acrobatic dance.

  5. The Wildcard: 10 Foundational Practices for a Good Life. Yes, you’ve probably heard them all before, but are you actually practicing them? Now is as good as time as any to make sure you have the foundations in place for a good life. Another great post from Scott H Young.

Until next week,