Habits of Nutrition, Work and Voting

Your weekly 5 things from the mind of Miles Lasater

Happy Saturday! Here are your 5 things from the mind of Miles for this week.

  1. Nutrition Science. What should we eat to promote health? Is there real science? I let myself think that there were no solid conclusions from the science of human nutrition. I was fooling myself to justify not eating healthy food. A friend and loyal reader got me to read the book How Not to Diet. (Which you will pleased to know comes with a handy dandy companion website, mobile app and thousands of references to scientific papers). I’ve run across a few times and finally dug in more. Check it out. The information aligns well with Dean Ornish’s research on lifestyle changes improving health. And it also jives with Michael Pollan’s pithy admonishment: “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” What are the credible sources you use for information on nutrition?

  2. Creative Habit and Do the Work. When you look at the work habits of artists, writers, and other creative and productive people, a pattern emerges. Regular work. Perhaps starting work at a certain time every day or writing a certain number of words each day. They have a commitment to do the work regardless if inspiration or desire is present. You discover a willingness to work through the “shitty first drafts” and create bit by bit. Don’t wait for inspiration, start. What are you doing to build a creative habit?

  3. How to Start? OK, so you agree that regular work will move forward your (creative) project. But, how do you get started? Get some sleep and then start. Tell yourself that you are only taking the absolute first step. Or move your body. For example, Einstein reportedly had many ideas while walking.

  4. Human Space Flight. Despite all the recent media attention for space tourism, are we ever going very far? The books I’ve read suggest humans will be lucky to physically explore our solar system. We are much more likely to explore beyond the solar system with robots. Food, fuel, life spans, fragile bodies and huge distances all present massive challenges. But sending robots outside our solar system seems like an engineering and cost challenge.

  5. Strengthening Our Democracy. What should we do to strengthen democracy in the US? Is it rank choice voting to increase competition, civility and guarantee a majority winner?  Alaska, Maine, NYC and ~20 other municipalities are doing it. Is it  nonpartisan primaries to allow all voters to participate in primaries? 16 states are doing it. Or is it independent redistricting to stop politicians from picking their voters? 4 states are doing it including CA. Or do you think we should focus on money in politics?

Until next week,