A PSA, Cyberwar and Regulatory Hacking

Your weekly 5 things from the mind of Miles Lasater

Happy Saturday! Here are your 5 things from the mind of Miles for this week.

  1. Get Snipped. Allow me a brief PSA. Gentleman, if you are sure you don’t want to have more children, please consider a vasectomy. Man-up and take responsibility for birth control. While there are risks, compare them to the risks for your partner taking birth control. Longer-term a vasectomy is the most convenient form of birth control. And no, it doesn’t impact your hormones or libido. In my case, there was no pain aside from the social awkwardness of surgery prep. Plus, I bet your health insurance will pay for the whole thing. Take this as one man’s testimonial in favor. At the very least, don’t be afraid to talk about it. Ask around.

  2. Inflation. With all the talk of inflation, how much is a feedback loop of expectations creating reality? The Fed says consumers expect higher inflation. Will that make it true? (Since we’re talking about economics, I am required to use the phrase:) On the other hand, here is an argument for a short period of inflation followed by deflation.

  3. Cyberwar. How do we do more for cyber defense? For traditional warfare, we generally expect the government to direct and conduct defense. But with cyberwar, many of the targets of substance are privately owned. And to defend, those private computers should be configured and run differently. We are less comfortable with the government dictating how to operate our computers even in the name of the best cyber defense. How do we balance property rights and freedom with the common defense?  I’m pretty new to the topic so any pointers appreciated. 

  4. Regulatory Hacking. A colleague and fellow newsletter reader recommended this book Regulatory Hacking. Wow - I wish I had read this years ago when I was working Higher One and SeeClickFix. I’m almost finished with the book and excited to share now. You may have heard of Growth Hacking which is a combination of Engineering + Marketing (and maybe a little data science?). Regulatory Hacking is Engineering + Marketing + Public Affairs. The book offers great strategy input for regulated industries. These industries are the frontier for tech startups and matter a lot for our everyday lives. Instead of the full book, you can also check out a summary by the author

  5. Recent Startups for Good Episodes. There is still time to catch up episodes from my podcast Startups for Good. Popular recent episodes include:

    1. Bay Gross, cofounder and Head of Product of City Block. They are building a patient-centric team-powered tech-enabled healthcare provider who takes financial responsibility for outcomes.

    2. Madison Campbell, cofounder and CEO of Leda Health. They are creating a B2B2C sexual assault response plaform including evidence collection, counseling, and peer-to-peer support groups.

    3. Slava Solonitsyn CEO and cofounder of Might Buildings. They have developed a new material that allows them to 3d print a green home in their factory and install it at your site which reduces waste.

Until next week,