15 Commitments, Win and Help Win Plus Decision Rules

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  1. Structure of The 15 Commitments. I love the book The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. The authors have woven together disparate wisdom into a coherent and powerful philosophy of life. As an introduction you can read the author’s recent blog post that provides an overview.

  2. Private Affordable Housing. Have you wondered why housing is so expensive? Have you wanted to know if it is a supply or demand issue? Have you questioned if it is impossible to find an apartment on minimum wage? Do you want to know how we solve this problem? Well, look no further than my podcast with PadSplit founder Atticus LeBlanc. He is building a network of private affordable rentals in cities and growing strong. Listen in.

  3. Win and Help Win. Although business can be competitive, competition is often related to dividing up value rather than creating value. When you study innovation, people go beyond cooperating and even into a kind of altruism. In classic Silicon Valley culture collaboration is at the core. (See Victor Hwang's work for example). TechStars captures this ethos well with the TechStars Give First philosophy. And Balaji Srinivasan has similar insights and positions them in a political context at about hour 2 of this podcast.

  4. Articles on Exit. Do you know any great articles or books on how to sell your company? Please send them my way as I’m compiling a list.

  5. Decision Rules. I love the question: what one decision can I make now that will steer my life well and prevent the need for a thousand other decisions? In that spirit I liked Emily Oyster’s suggestion that you make COVID behavioral decision rules tied to some external variable like reported case rates. She walks through the math in the post. If you want even more math, you can build yourself a covid risk budget with microCOVID.

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